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Are black holes time machines? Yes, but there’s a catch

Sam Baron, Australian Catholic University Black holes form natural time machines that allow travel to both the past and the future. But don’t expect to be heading back to visit the dinosaurs any time soon. At present, we don’t have… Continue Reading →

Time Might not Exist, according to Physicists and Philosophers

Sam Baron, Australian Catholic University Does time exist? The answer to this question may seem obvious: of course it does! Just look at a calendar or a clock. But developments in physics suggest the non-existence of time is an open… Continue Reading →

New physics at the Large Hadron Collider? Scientists are Excited

By Sam Barron, Australian Catholic University Last week, physicists at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland announced they might have discovered a brand new force of nature. Or, to be precise, they unveiled “new results which, if confirmed, would suggest… Continue Reading →

New Warp Drive Research Dashes Faster Than Light Travel Dreams – But Reveals Stranger Possibilities

By Sam Baron, Australian Catholic University. In 1994, physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed a radical technology that would allow faster than light travel: the warp drive, a hypothetical way to skirt around the universe’s ultimate speed limit by bending the fabric… Continue Reading →

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