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Honeybees Join Humans as the Only Known Animals that can tell the Difference between Odd and Even Numbers

Scarlett Howard, Monash University; Adrian Dyer, Andrew Greentree and Jair Garcia, RMIT University. “Two, four, six, eight; bog in, don’t wait”. As children, we learn numbers can either be even or odd. And there are many ways to categorise numbers… Continue Reading →

Regional Journalism is Dying: Advertising Subsidies Won’t Help

Leon Gettler, RMIT University. Australia’s regional news outlets are dying a not-so-slow death, and COVID-19 has accelerated their decline. Over the past two years more than a hundred of the 435 regional and community newspapers that existed in 2019 ceased… Continue Reading →

Sidney Nolan, the painter who re-envisaged the Australian landscape

Julie Shiels, RMIT University. Review: Sidney Nolan: Search for Paradise, Heide Museum of Modern Art. A Sidney Nolan retrospective is being held in a contemporary Eden in the Melbourne suburbs — the place where the artist’s own search for paradise… Continue Reading →

Could we really Deflect an Asteroid Heading for Earth? NASA’s latest DART mission

Gail Iles, RMIT University. A NASA spacecraft the size of a golf cart has been directed to smash into an asteroid, with the intention of knocking it slightly off course. The test aims to demonstrate our technological readiness in case… Continue Reading →

The Australian Government wants to Expand the Digital Identity System: There are Many Pitfalls.

Kelsie Nabben, RMIT University. The federal government has been asking the public for feedback on proposed legislation to create a “trusted digital identity” system. The aim is for Australians to use it to prove their identity when accessing public services…. Continue Reading →

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