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Salman Rushdie: Hunting the Famous

By John Stapleton. Legendary author Salman Rushdie has been attacked and repeatedly stabbed in the neck and torso as he was about to give a lecture on artistic freedom in western New York. He was airlifted to hospital. In 1989, Iran’s first… Continue Reading →

Sandor Berger: Sydney’s Great Eccentrics

By John Stapleton Not every famous person has a name. And almost no one knew the name of Sandor Berger, one of Sydney’s best known eccentrics. For many years notices appeared on telegraph poles across inner-Sydney: “Psychiatry is Evil, It… Continue Reading →

Paul Bowles and the Sheltering Sky

ONE BELONGS TO THE WHOLE WORLD, not just one part of it, Paul Bowles once told an interviewer. Gifted annually with a round-the-world free ticket courtesy of my father’s job as a Captain on Australia’s national carrier Qantas, for a… Continue Reading →

Lunch with Joseph Heller

It’s not every day you get to interview one of the world’s most famous authors, someone who created an expression which entered the English language. Catch 22. The Oxford dictionary defines a Catch 22 as: A dilemma or difficult circumstance… Continue Reading →

Vale Elisabeth Wynhausen

Elisabeth Wynhausen was a battle hardened campaigning social justice journalist of the old school of whom in the end, despite our sometimes spirited disagreements, I became enormously fond. In those final years, not long before I, too, departed that cesspit,… Continue Reading →

Bob Hawke and the Demon Drink

At 89, former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke has declared himself in miserable health and unlikely to last much longer. While he expects the Labor Party, which he led for many years, to win the next election, due by May… Continue Reading →

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