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Giant Eagles and Scavenging Vultures shared the Skies of Ancient Australia

Ellen K. Mather, Mike Lee, and Trevor H. Worthy, Flinders University Today, Australia is home to 17 species of hawks and eagles. But the fossil record shows some other, rather special raptors were present in the relatively recent past. Tens… Continue Reading →

With AUKUS, Australia has wedded itself to a risky US policy on China – and turned a Deaf Ear to the Region

Matt Fitzpatrick, Flinders University. Much has been made of Australia’s renewed engagement with Asia and the Pacific since Labor came to power. Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s “charm offensive” in the Pacific was seen as the beginning of a new process… Continue Reading →

We can still see these Five Traces of Ancestor Species in all Human Bodies 

Alice Clement, Flinders University. In Australia, many of us are returning to work or school after spending time with relatives over the summer period. Sometimes we can be left wondering how on earth we are related to some of these… Continue Reading →

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