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What If There Had Been No Covid Coup?

By Debbie Lerman: Brownstone Institute In discussions about the military and national security coup during the Covid pandemic, people often ask me: would it really have been so different if the NIH and CDC had remained in charge of the pandemic response?… Continue Reading →

Lockdowns Were Counterterrorism, Not Public Health 

By Debbie Lerman: Brownstone Institute As previously reported, in the United States, the Covid pandemic response was designed and led by the national security branches of government, not by any public health agency or official.  Furthermore, we do not have a public record of… Continue Reading →

Why did America’s National Security, Military and Intelligence Agencies Shroud the Covid Response in Secrecy?

By Debbie Lerman: Brownstone Institute Many features of the Covid response catastrophe remain shrouded in mystery: Who actually designed the US government’s Covid response policy?  We know from official government documents (see below) that it was the National Security Council… Continue Reading →

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