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The Future History of Publishing

By John Stapleton Since the beginning of literature technologies have shaped the written word. And thereby publishing technologies have shaped history, culture, politics and war. The adage history is written by the victors has transposed in this truly astonishing era… Continue Reading →

Yen’s White Lie: Charles Gerard and the Secrets of Old Saigon. Holiday Reading.

By John Stapleton. Yen’s White Lie details a complicated lover’s tryst in Old Saigon. But the city itself is as much of a character as the denizens that haunt the atmospheric alleyways and cafes of the past. When author Charles… Continue Reading →

Benevolence: An Interview with Julie Janson

The Darug people are an Aboriginal Australian people who survived as hunters in family groups or clans, scattered throughout much of what is modern-day Sydney. For one of the first if not the only times Benevolence presents an important era in Australia’s history from an… Continue Reading →

The Best of Brain Pickings 2020

With Maria Popova A Sense of Place Magazine is an unabashed fan of Maria Popova’s celebrated literary blog Brain Pickings, easily one of the best literary blogs in the world. Maria Popova is a Bulgarian born New York based polymath… Continue Reading →


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Abe Books has picked their Top 50 Travel Books of all time.

And here’s a pick of ten of our favourites: 

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