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The Unconscionable Prosecution of Bernard Collaery was an Assault on the values Australia holds dear

Spencer Zifcak, Australian Catholic University. Last week Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus put an end to Canberra lawyer Bernard Collaery’s criminal prosecution.Collaery was prosecuted in 2018 and was facing five charges, including allegedly conspiring with his client, “Witness K”, to disclose confidential… Continue Reading →

Labor’s Attorney General Mark Dreyfus undoes unjust prosecution of whistleblower Bernard Collaery

By Bruce Haigh: Independent Australia. By the Government rightly dropping the charges against Witness K’s lawyer Bernard Collaery, Australia was reminded of the illegal bugging operation against Timor-Leste, writes Bruce Haigh. THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL, Mark Dreyfus, has thrown out all the concocted and… Continue Reading →

Oil Under Troubled Water: The Timor Sea Betrayal

By Callum Foote with Michael West Media Witness K has been in court, in closed-court proceedings nobody is meant to know about. He is on trial for doing the right thing. With the release of his book, Oil Under Troubled Water,… Continue Reading →

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