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This Bird’s Stamina is Remarkable: It flies non-stop for 5 days from Japan to Australia, but now its Habitat is under Threat

Birgita Hansen, Federation University Australia Imagine having to fly non-stop for five days over thousands of kilometres of ocean for your survival. That’s what the Latham’s Snipe shorebird does twice a year, for every year of its life. This migratory… Continue Reading →

Cockatoos and Rainbow Lorikeets Battle for Nest Space as the Best Old Trees Disappear

By Greg Moore, the University of Melbourne Gregory Moore, The University of Melbourne The housing market in most parts of Australia is notoriously competitive. You might be surprised to learn we humans are not the only ones facing such difficulties…. Continue Reading →

What Australian Birds can Teach Us About Choosing a Partner and Making it Last

By Gisela Kaplan, University of New England Love, sex and mate choice are topics that never go out of fashion among humans or, surprisingly, among some Australian birds. For these species, choosing the right partner is a driver of evolution… Continue Reading →

Magpies Form Friendships With People – Here’s How

By Gisela Kaplan, University of New England Can one form a friendship with a magpie – even when adult males are protecting their nests during the swooping season? The short answer is: “Yes, one can” – although science has just… Continue Reading →

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