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The ANZAC Day Plot

Extract from Terror in Australia: Workers’ Paradise Lost. Tuesday 25 April, 2023 is Anzac Day in Australia. Australian governments had always appealed to nationalism in their aggressive drives to recruit young men to war. World War One posters included: “Under… Continue Reading →

ANZAC Day: The Hypocrisy of Australia’s Involvement in Foreign Wars Remains Untouched

Extract from Terror in Australia: Workers’ Paradise Lost. To begin at one kind of beginning. As one of the country’s longest suffering general news reporters, having spent almost a quarter of a century as a staff member on some of… Continue Reading →


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With Australia’s terror alert at the highest level possible and following the recent detention of terrorists planning attacks on the Centenary celebrations of Anzac Day, security has been stepped up around Australia; and most notably at Gallipoli in Turkey, where both the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot and New Zealand Prime Minister Peter Key will attend. Both Prime Ministers, having taken their nation’s military back into Iraq in the fight against Islamic State, are prime targets. Peter Fitzsimons best selling book Gallipoli records how, on 25 April 1915, Allied forces landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in present-day Turkey to secure the sea route between Britain and France.

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