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The Fear of Terrorism Does Not Justify the Wholesale Removal of Citizens’ Rights

By Paul Gregoire: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog Home affairs minister Peter Dutton slid through his ASIO Bill 2020 with bipartisan approval on the final sitting day of parliament last year. The usual suspect, the fear of terrorism, was cited as justification for the passing… Continue Reading →

The Voices of Dickson: The Essay

The sprawling electorate of Dickson in Northern Brisbane is Ground Zero for the coming election; pivotal for the future of the country. Every major media organisation has sent journalists to the seat; almost all of them with an agenda to… Continue Reading →

Someone To Lead. The Voices of Dickson: Part Three

Like many areas in a rapidly changing Australia, the seat of Dickson in the north of Brisbane straddles many divides. It is also a fulcrum seat which holds a key to the future of the country. It is the electorate… Continue Reading →

What They Say In The Pubs of Australia’s Most Controversial Electorate. The Voices of Dickson: Part One

Just over a week to go in what is being condemned as the most turgid, dull, boring election campaign in Australia’s history. Daily politicians on both sides announce this, that and the other, all their various empty schemes backed with… Continue Reading →

From Out of the Maelstrom: A Very Australian Two Horse Race

The Fight Is On At the centre of the maelstrom which has overtaken Australian politics this weekend lies one man: the departing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Disliked by the public, disliked by his own party, disliked by the public service, Australia’s… Continue Reading →

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