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Government Debt Was Deepening Rapidly – well before COVID-19

By Alan Austin The Coalition won the 2013 federal election beating their chest about Labor’s “debt and deficit”. Thanks to COVID-19, we’re unlikely to see a surplus in our lifetime or our children’s. But, let’s not forget that the current… Continue Reading →

Michael West: Government spending on consultants soars despite economic calamity

Government spending on EY, Deloitte, PwC and KPMG persists at nosebleed levels although millions of Australians have lost their jobs. New data shows a damaging blow-out in contracts to the four firms, which are also among the largest donors to… Continue Reading →

Boomers & Millennials: The Aftermath of Austerity will kill Australians too

By Michael Tanner with Michael West Media Yesterday, the Treasurer warned that restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus are costing Australia $4 billion a week. Is it fair for the younger generation to cop this economic fallout plus shoulder Australia’s biggest economic… Continue Reading →

Bow Your Heads In Shame: Arm Merchants and the Australian Government

By Michelle Fahy with Michael West Media A disturbing number of Australia’s military personnel, senior defence and intelligence officials and politicians leave their public service jobs and walk through the ‘revolving door’ into roles with weapons-making and security-related corporations. Nowhere is government… Continue Reading →

The Australian Government Response to Corona Crisis: A Massive Subsidy to Corporations

By Michael West, founder of Michael West Media The Morrison Government’s emergency measures to protect the economy in the midst of a pandemic are another massive subsidy from embattled taxpayers to Australia’s largest corporations. They are a failure of government to… Continue Reading →

Weird Plan for Billion Dollar Privatisation of Australia’s Visa System

By Michael Sainsbury with Michael West Media Despite the myriad failures of privatisation, not least the disastrous sale of the nation’s energy networks, which has delivered dazzling profits to foreign multinationals at the expense of every citizen in this country, the… Continue Reading →

Slush Funds: How the Australian Government Ramped up Grant Rorts

By Jommy Tee with Michael West Media They cut domestic violence funding and National Parks, froze Australia’s unemployed welfare payment known as Newstart, and consigned the most needy to cashless welfare cards while spraying unprecedented billions in “invitation only” grants — our taxpayer… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Green Bank and the Vampire Kangaroo

By Anthony Klan The Big Four Australian banks and investment bankers Macquarie, big Liberal Party donors all, have received over $2.3 billion in taxpayer-backed funds from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. That is almost one-third of every dollar ever invested by… Continue Reading →

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