A Million Previously Undiscovered Galaxies Beyond the Milky Way

By Aidan Hotan, CSIRO Astronomers have mapped about a million previously undiscovered galaxies beyond the Milky Way, in the most detailed survey of the southern sky ever carried out using radio waves. The Rapid ASKAP Continuum Survey (or RACS) has… Continue Reading →

Gilligan’s Island, Sydney

Terror in Australia: Workers’ Paradise Lost Australian democracy is in collapse. A country once proud of its own story, of its tough convict origins and rough as guts bush legends, a prosperous country which held its head high in the world… Continue Reading →

Boy On Fire: The Mark Mordue Interview

The Young Nick Cave There is one book birthed out of Australia this season which has all the hallmarks of becoming an international bestseller, and that’s Boy On Fire: The Young Nick Cave. Author Mark Mordue is a classic journeyman… Continue Reading →

Can It Get Worse After Trump?

By Alison Broinowski with Pearls and Irritations When Joe Biden is in the White House and Donald Trump is back in his tower or at his resort, some things about the Trump years will be missed. As newly elected leaders… Continue Reading →

From Brittle Stars Grows a ‘Tree of Life’: How Genes Trace Life on Earth

By Tim O’Hara, Museums Victoria A complete tree of life – showing how and when organisms are related to each other – has long been desired by biologists, but obscured by the vagaries of the fossil record. Now, next-generation gene… Continue Reading →

Jumpers at the Currumbin Valley Rock Pools: The Photography of Russell Shakespeare

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci The Currumbin Valley Rock Pools are about five minutes… Continue Reading →

Where The Bloody Hell Is It? Did Scott Morrison Lie About the Report that Saved His Bacon at Tourism Australia?

By Jommy Tee with Michael West Media Scott Morrison was sacked as managing director of Tourism Australia in 2006 with a year left to run on his contract. For 14 years the reason for the sacking has remained one of… Continue Reading →

Profiting From Covid – The New Growth Industry

By Paul Collits Welcome to the Covid economy.  Depleted incomes, smashed small businesses, bullshit jobs, a whole new platform for crony capitalism, deserted main streets.  What’s not to love? Not many businesses and industries are growing in 2020.  Main Street… Continue Reading →

Prehistoric Microbes Rewrite One Of Earth’s Mass Extinctions

By Kliti Grace and Calum Peter Fox, Curtin University Chemical clues left behind by humble microbes have rewritten the timeline of one of the biggest mass extinction events in Earth’s history. The so-called “end-Triassic mass extinction”, thought to have occurred… Continue Reading →

Scott Morrison: The Elephant In The Room

The single most fascinating thing about Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison is: He Shows No Guilt. Not a shred of remorse at having thrown millions of people onto welfare thanks to his absurd misreading of the Covid Scare. Not for… Continue Reading →

The Desert Stars: The World’s Most Remote Rock Band

The Photography of Dean Sewell/Oculi The Spinifex People, as they are now known, are the immediate descendants of the last nomadic hunter gatherers to experience contact with the modern world. They live on the southern flank of the Great Victorian… Continue Reading →

A Celebration of Genius: Maria Popova and Figuring

Luminously intelligent, gifted with a great eye and a startling, incandescent love of beauty, the already celebrated Maria Popova has finally put out a book. Figuring, is now available. For twelve years now Popova’s weekly newsletter Brain Pickings has dazzled,… Continue Reading →

Real World Drawing: Dobell Biennial

By Ari Chand Why do drawers draw? Drawing is historically connected to creative practice, but also truth and accuracy. It helps materialise story and culture, perhaps because it’s often the fastest way to get an idea down on paper. But… Continue Reading →

Public Schools Abandoned For The Elite

By Trevor Cobbold with Michael West Media With its favouritism of funding wealthy Independent and Catholic schools, the Morrison Government has completed the demolition of the Gonski funding model that began with the Abbott and Turnbull governments. Yet public schools… Continue Reading →

The Digital Enablement of Totalitarianism

By Paul Collits The Covid affair of 2020 simply couldn’t have happened a decade ago.  It is a chilling thought that we are only cowering beneath the stare of Big Brother because of tech.  Yes, we are only going through… Continue Reading →

A Queensland Sea Sponge Unravels a 700-Million-Year-Old Connection to Humans

By Emily S Wong, UNSW. Many human traits, such as height and disease susceptibility, depend on genes that are encoded in our DNA. These genes are switched on and off and further fine-tuned by important but hard-to-find regions in the… Continue Reading →

Covid-19: Politicisation, Corruption and Suppression of Science

From the British Medical Journal A scathing editorial on government misuse of Covid-19 to scare, intimidate and confuse populations while distorting the science behind the most over-hyped disease in history has appeared in the prestigious British Medical Journal.  Covid-19 has… Continue Reading →

Australian Sues The Emir of Dubai

Australian Sues The Emir of Dubai Well that’s not a headline you see everyday. But that’s exactly what one Australian has been doing. The story is a complicated one, made more complicated by the passing of time and a long… Continue Reading →

Shearers: The Photography of Russell Shakespeare

Award winning photographer Russell Shakespeare explains the obsession: I’ve photographed shearers a lot over the years for a number of different publications. They’re an important and easily understood symbol for one of Australia’s most important industries; and there is a… Continue Reading →

Jacinda, Justin, Joe, Boris and ScMo – A Busted Flush for the Anglosphere

By Paul Collits The Anglosphere faces a crisis of leadership.  The West is now ruled wall-to-wall by second rate ideologues and/or chancers, either determined to change the global order or powerless to prevent the revolution we now face. When the… Continue Reading →

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