Man Without A Country

By Dr Alison Broinowski  A decade ago, WikiLeaks shocked the world with revelations of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. How Assange’s popular following was reversed, his reputation trashed, and his health ruined is a saga which is still… Continue Reading →

Secret: The Making of Australia’s Security State

By Brian Toohey This the Preface from Brian Toohey’s latest book Secret: The Making of Australia’s Security State. Step by step, a succession of new laws and policies have provided the building blocks for Australia to become a country in… Continue Reading →

By Australia’s Mehi River

The Craft and Art of Jupuul Mari Mehi means girl in the gamilaraay dialect Miyaay. Moree is Mari and Mari means man. That is just the way whitefellas take our language and put it in their phonetic context. Because our… Continue Reading →

Marvellous Mirvac: Australia’s $8 billion Property Developer Rorts JobKeeper Scheme

By Michael West This story was originally published on Australia’s leading investigative reporting news site Michael West Media. As the author has written of this story: “Busting the $8 billion property juggernaut Mirvac for rorting JobKeeper this week reminds us… Continue Reading →

Worldwide mass Surveillance by Germany’s Intelligence Service declared Unconstitutional

Reporters Without Borders on Landmark Ruling on Press Freedom In a much-anticipated verdict Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court has put an end to the groundless mass surveillance of global internet traffic by Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). The ruling,… Continue Reading →

Yen’s White Lie: Charles Gerard and the Secrets of Old Saigon

Yen’s White Lie details a complicated lover’s tryst in Old Saigon. But the city itself is as much of a character as the denizens that haunt the atmospheric alleyways and cafes of the past. When author Charles Gerard first came… Continue Reading →

The Biggest Mistake in History: Debating the Great Lockdown

By Professor Ramesh Thakur Early assumptions of extraordinary SARS-CoV-2 infectiousness and lethality have proven fallacious. Some are already calling the coronavirus lockdown “the Greatest Mistake in History.” The seductive numerical precision of the Imperial College London (ICL) March 16 model, with grim forecasts of… Continue Reading →

NSW has approved Snowy Mountains Hydro 2.0. Six Reasons why that’s a Bad Move

By Bruce Mountain, Victoria University and Mark Lintermans, University of Canberra The controversial Snowy 2.0 project has mounted a major hurdle after the New South Wales government announced approval for its main works. The pumped hydro venture in southern NSW… Continue Reading →

Lockdown Backlash: The Death of Empathy

There have been lockdown protests around the world, and numerous academics and pundits querying government responses to Covid-19, from the ever populist Fox News to highly credentialed epidemiologists. The Australian government, with its inconsistent messaging and highly confusing fear mongering,… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Flying Kangaroo Flies Straight Into Trouble

Australia’s Transport Workers’ Union is calling on the Federal Government to implement a national plan to lower the risk of infection and spread of COVID-19 in aviation as Qantas announces changes which the union claims fall short of measures of… Continue Reading →

Government Debt Was Deepening Rapidly – well before COVID-19

By Alan Austin The Coalition won the 2013 federal election beating their chest about Labor’s “debt and deficit”. Thanks to COVID-19, we’re unlikely to see a surplus in our lifetime or our children’s. But, let’s not forget that the current… Continue Reading →

Lunch with Joseph Heller

It’s not every day you get to interview one of the world’s most famous authors, someone who created an expression which entered the English language. Catch 22. The Oxford dictionary defines a Catch 22 as: A dilemma or difficult circumstance… Continue Reading →

The trade-offs ‘smart city’ apps like COVIDSafe ask us to make go well beyond privacy

Kurt Iveson, University of Sydney The Commonwealth government says if enough of us download its COVIDSafe app, restrictions on our movements and activities can be lifted more quickly and life can return to normal. As important as it is to… Continue Reading →

Covert-19: Government stacks Covid Commission with Oil and Gas Mates

By Sandi Keane The Government is quietly blowing away years of environmental protections under cover of Covid. Its Covid Commission (NCCC) is stacked with executives from the gas and mining lobbies in what is turning out to be a bonanza… Continue Reading →

Sydney’s Song Before Sunrise: The Photography of Tim Ritchie

Crisis turns into salvation at every step. For Tim Ritchie it is literally true. “I am a diabetic and eight years ago my doctor told me to walk 10,000 steps a day, but even then my blood sugar levels were… Continue Reading →

Victoria joins China’s Belt and Road Initiative

By John Varano The COVID-19 pandemic has ignited new debate on China’s flagship foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Against the official position of the Australian federal government, the state of Victoria has recently signed on. The Victoria… Continue Reading →

Australian Alternative Health Magazine Pulled from Supermarket Shelves

By TOTT News A magazine that publishes about complementary therapies, alternative medicines and protection against 5G was recently taken down from supermarket shelves across the country. Coles and Woolworths bowed to pressure from radio host Ben Fordham to pull ‘What… Continue Reading →

Phfen Shock: Yearning for the Chasm

Phfen Shock. The words kept repeating through his head, although he could find no definition, no logical reason. That was the sensation, he discovered, when you arrived at a new place expecting welcome, the village beyond the veil, only to… Continue Reading →

How ASIO Hunted One of Australia’s Greatest Intellects

America’s Secret Military Base in Central Australia Tom Gilling Des Ball, or Professor Desmond Ball as he was officially known, passed away from cancer in October, 2016. An Australian expert on defence and security, he was admired within the international… Continue Reading →

Lockdowns Can Be Cruel, Heartless, and Deadly

By Emeritus Professor Ramesh Thakur  Human beings are family- and community-oriented social animals. Sharing food and drink at home or in restaurants, enjoying the cinema, watching cricket, or appreciating a concert or a play are not optional add-ons but fundamental… Continue Reading →

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